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Sam is a little brother that enjoys judo, playing, camping out, cub scouts, and watching television.

Sam's Tips...

How to
How To Annoy Your Brothers
Here are some tips on how to annoy your brothers. Hit them really hard until they hit you back. When they hit you back, yell really loud so they will get in trouble.  Also, go in their room and pull all of their toys out. They will get mad at you for playing with their toys AND they will have to clean up their room. You can also make annoying sounds so they will go crazy yelling at you and they will get in trouble.

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How to Talk your Parents into Getting You a Puppy
Look at them with the eyes of a puppy, blinking often and crying if you have to. Tell them how a puppy is good protection. Tell them that you have been worried that the family needs one badly. You could also have an imaginary dog that you take really good care of. This will show them that you would take care of a real one. If these don't work - BEG, BEG, BEG!

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How to Scare the Cats

Get on all fours and hiss at them like you are a bigger cat. If this does not work, chase them around the house meowing really loud. You can also dress up as a dog and bark at them. All of these work.