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Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, Kicking and Screaming, Dumb and Dumber, The Incredibles
Favorite Hobbies: Playing video games, watching television, lifting weights, judo, camping out
Favorite Musicians: Fall Out Boy, Green Day, The Fray, The Killers
Favorite Video Games: Samurai Warriors 2, Naruto Rise of the Ninja, Ultimate Ninja 3

Funny Stuff from an 11 year old Lunatic 

Logan is a crazy 11 year old that can be seen on the insane show "Erbert's Life". It is filmed by his older brother, Jake. Listen closely as you watch it or you might miss some funny stuff! Enjoy!

Erbert's Life


This is Erbert's band, Stuffed Up, posing after one of their many concerts.


Current Gold Medalist for State of Tennessee Judo 

Logan's Advice Column

Girl Expert

If you have girl problems, here is what you should do....Get one of those video games that has girlfriends in it, like "Sims." If you get into an argument with her, just turn off the video game and hit restart.



Here are two pieces of advice about homework. If one of them does not work, you can try the other.  If you have not finished your homework, tell your teacher that on you were on your way home doing your homework when your work fell out of the window. If she does not believe this, then tell her that the gnomes in your yard were playing a trick on you and stole it. If your teacher believes either of these, it means that they are not smart enough to be your teacher.


Homework Professional

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What to Do When You Have a Big Test

Keep telling your teacher you have to go to the bathroom. Then, when she tells you that you cannot go to the bathroom, say you have to make a phone call. If your call lasts the whole test and your teacher says you have to retake it, tell her that you were on the phone with your lawyer and told him that if the teacher makes you take the test, you will sue.


Test Taker Extraordinaire with Sam